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Just Neighbors®

Ever wonder why so many people are homeless? Poverty is the answer.

Just Neighbors examines the root causes of poverty in the US.

  • Experience the tough decisions of a low-income working mother
  • Create a family budget when income does not meet essential expenses
  • Learn how poverty inhibits the development of children

This dynamic, interactive program allows you to walk in the shoes of our neighbors, to hear children describe what living in poverty is like and

The curriculum is highly interactive, with media, role plays, simulations and guided discussions. Each of its nine, one-hour sessions can stand alone, allowing you topick and choose which issues to explore, or use them all as a complete series.

Explore all nine Just Neighbors sessions here.

“I am deeply impressed by Just Neighbors, Family Promise’s interactive poverty education curriculum, which also serves to advance advocacy for the poor. The tone of the Just Neighbors’ literature is respectful rather than condescending; its content reflects a thoroughgoing understanding of the factors that propel people into poverty and then make it so difficult for them to climb back out again. I’m particularly inspired by Just Neighbor’s call for us all to become advocates for the economically downtrodden. I look forward to working with Family Promise to support their critical work in whatever way I can!”
Barbara Ehrenreich, Author, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America

Just Neighbors is available in a Community Service Edition for schools, nonprofits and businesses, an Interfaith Edition, and a Catholic Teaching Edition.

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